The following images show military hardware from around the world.  

   Just like Amateur Radio, the military rely heavily on high technology/electronics and natural scientific laws.  

The reason I have made this page is to emphasize the importance of and our reliance on Radio Communications,

which I believe, most take for granted. Being Amateur Radio Operators Worldwide, we have at least to some degree,

an understanding of how radio communications work. They are vital to our current and future ways of life...

My ideas about future 'Quantum - mental radios' with which to communicate throughout the Universe

can be seen at the bottom of this page.







































































































Radio communications on Earth are basically instantaneous.






































'F35 Fighter Aircraft' footage by Dafydd Phillips. Runs 3 minutes.




  A 7 minute video showing Chinese Military Forces, 2018. 







The Lockheed SR71 Blackbird Aircraft. 15 minutes.









  We need to explore. Not only on and in this planet including our bodies and minds and everything else but also out in Space. It's Human Nature to explore. To find and to understand. As we explore further a field, within the Universe, our reliance on radio communications will become ever more vital. Not only does Amateur Radio enable people to come together with a common interest, giving us friends worldwide, it also plays an important role in introducing our younger technically minded citizens to the amazing phenomena of radio transmission and reception. Hopefully, in this age of advanced technology, their careers and ongoing efforts will help to enable us to eventually leave conflict behind. Research into improving defense capability will also further our ability to extend our reach into space. When traveling abroad we learn that we share this planet with 8 Billion other people. We then start to realize that we are not the only person on Earth and that we as an individual are not the centre of the Universe. Likewise I think, as we travel further throughout the Cosmos, we will become more aware of how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things. With our awareness widening, I hope that we will 'naturally feel more so, that it is futile to fight amongst ourselves'. We will come to understand that there is a lot more to life than just this planet on which we live. Each of us is very important, for sure. One person can make a tremendous difference and can change the World completely.  Just imagine how much could be achieved if countries around the world worked together, with no need for military expenditure. Ham Radio enables us to think in terms of operators worldwide which gives a wider perspective.  My hope is that our shared hobby of Amateur Radio continues to gather momentum in broadening our horizons in many ways, from constrictive to expansive awareness. With this opening up of our thinking, hopefully will come a realization of our Intrinsic innocence, equality and compassion for ourselves and then, others. The futility of fighting each other will become more apparent which will mean greater peace and harmony for all. Then we can really become the great people whom we are meant to be. 

   Amateur Radio broadens our outlook automatically to a degree and always has. This page is meant to bring it to our attention.  

   However, in time, I do believe that Radio Communications through out the Universe will be superseded by 'Quantum communication' which is instantaneous. Psychics are able to read other peoples' minds from any where on Earth. Mental telepathy is a reality and has been known about and practiced for many, many years. I should think that such communication will be used in future space travel when some distance away from Earth. Mankind will invent suitable interfaces such that, instead of the mind communication only, one will be able to talk into a microphone and the voice will be transmitted via 'mental waves.' At the receiving end, the mental waves will be 'decoded', via a 'mental waves receiver,' so that the signal can be heard audibly by the human ear. I should think that this is already true and in use. This type of communication, (mental waves using appropriate interfaces) - ('mental radios,' 'quantum radios,' or 'psychic radios') will have many benefits over traditional radio communications. 'Remote Viewing'  is in use too.  Causing circumstances to occur at a distance through Quantum technology is a step towards undiscovered possibilities. With hard won knowledge comes greater capabilities and hopefully greater methods of maintaining peace on the Planet. In particular, I want to inform you that nowadays we are able to determine the Truth of just about everything within the Universe. If currently unaware, this can turn your world upside down. Since the Universe responds to the human nervous system, that which is real or true causes muscles to go strong and that which is not real or not true causes them to be weak. If interested, have a look at Professor Dr. David Hawkins's, MD. Ph.D. books, here.

  Time delay will become more important as we travel further from Earth and through out the Universe so methods of over coming this will need to be invented. Current radio transmissions can take up to about 20 minutes or so to reach the planet Mars. To reach Voyager One in Interstellar Space, 19 hours. 'Mental communications' are instantaneous, every where. The way I see it now is something like this. The new way of communication will be similar in principle to the Internet of today. If you imagine two (or more) computers connected to wifi radio routers. The connection is radio waves via the Internet. If instead of the two computers we have two 'consciousness computers' and instead of the wifi routers we have people of 'advanced levels of consciousness.' Then the connection in this case is via the Universal Unconscious which is connected to everything, instantaneously. The consciousness computers feed information to and from the individuals. I feel quite certain that this type of communication is well underway within military circles. If we can imagine it, then they are already doing it. As we evolve, our consciousness will expand, meaning there will be less reliance on consciousness computers and more on the individuals themselves. Most of us underestimate our capabilities but I feel that we can do just about anything. I should think that an extension of this would be psychic remote control whereby people and events can be controlled by 'mental influence via the Quantum field.' Quantum physics is the field of endeavor which will enable us to do great things and to realize more of our fabulous potential. Science will make  the  difference. As we venture into Space, more of reality will open up to us. These sailors of the sky will be expanding our horizons. We will become more consciously aware of our expansiveness and greatness. We will see that we are not bound to one planet but that it is all out there waiting for us to come and explore and discover. In this way, out limited thinking will be transcended into Universal Awareness which I hope, will mean gradually leaving conflict behind.  

A Hero of mine, apart from my parents is Dr. Michelle Simmons, Professor of Quantum Physics who won the

'Australian of the Year' Award in 2018. Originally from the UK, She inspires me because of the Person She is   Click Here.

















   Pictures from the film, 'The Martian.' Starring Matt Damon. 













   Pictures from the film, 'Ad Astra.' Starring Brad Pitt. 






















   If we can befriend ourselves and then each other, our destiny lies out there, discovering while exploring Outer Space. 

   Come on. Let's go.