The following images show military hardware from around the world.  

   Just like Amateur Radio, the military rely on high technology/electronics and natural scientific laws.  

The reason I have made this page is to emphasize the importance of and our reliance on Radio Communications,

which I believe, most take for granted. Being Amateur Radio operators worldwide, we have at least to some degree,

an understanding of how radio communications work. They are vital to our way of life...

My ideas about future 'mental radios' can be seen at the bottom of this page.







































































































Radio communications on Earth are basically instantaneous.






































A 7 minute video showing Chinese Military Forces, 2018.










  We need to explore. Not just on this planet and everything on/in it, including our bodies and minds and everything else but also beyond, into Space. It is Human Nature to do this. To find and understand. As we explore further afield, within the Universe, our reliance on radio communications will become even more vital.  

   Not only does Amateur Radio enable people to come together with a common interest, giving us friends worldwide, it also plays an important role in introducing our younger technically minded citizens to the amazing phenomena of radio transmission and reception. Hopefully, in this age of advanced technology, their careers and ongoing efforts will help to enable us to leave conflict behind. Research into improving defense capability will also further our ability to extend our reach into space. When traveling overseas, for example, we become more aware that there are many more people on this planet here too and not just us. We then have a greater experiential awareness that we are not the only person on the planet. Likewise I think, as we travel further throughout the Cosmos, we will become more aware of how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things. With this wider awareness, I hope we will 'naturally feel more so, that it is futile to fight amongst ourselves'. Each of us is important. One person can make a tremendous difference. Just imagine how much could be achieved if countries around the world worked together, with no need for military expenditure. Ham Radio also enables us to think in terms of operators worldwide. My hope is that our shared hobby of Amateur Radio continues to gather momentum in broadening our horizons in many ways, from constrictive to expansive awareness. With this opening up of our thinking, hopefully will come a realization of our Intrinsic innocence, equality and compassion for ourselves and then, others. The futility of fighting each other will become more apparent which will mean greater peace and harmony for all. 

   Amateur Radio does this automatically to a degree and always has. This page is meant to bring it to our attention.  

   However, in time, I do believe that Radio Communications through out the Universe will be superseded by mental communication which is instantaneous. Psychics are able to read other peoples' minds from any where on Earth. I should think that such communication will be used in future space activities when some distance away from Earth. But, if they haven't already and I should think that they have, then mankind will invent suitable interfaces such that, instead of the mind communication only, one will be able to talk into a microphone and the voice will be transmitted via 'mental waves.' At the receiving end, the mental waves will be 'decoded', via a mental waves receiver, so that the signal can be heard audibly by the human ear. Further research and understanding of Quantum Mechanics will help this to become reality. This type of communication, (mental waves using appropriate interfaces - 'mental radios' or 'psychic radios') will have many benefits over traditional radio comms.. eg. no time delay in communications. 

  Time delay will become more important as we travel further through out the Universe and methods of over coming this will need to be created. I feel that most of us underestimate our capabilities and I also feel that just about anything is possible. 















   Pictures from the film, 'The Martian.' Starring Matt Damon. 













   Pictures from the film, 'Ad Astra.' Starring Brad Pitt. 






















   If we can befriend ourselves and then each other, our destiny lies out there, discovering while exploring Outer Space. 

   Come on. Let's go.